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Cesar’s commentaries of the Gallic War are an account written for Roman senators, not a Latin primer. They have been often misused as drill grounds for elementary grammar, chopped into tiny pieces of the text.
Only by an intensive reading of entire books of Cesar’s Gallic War one can feel the stylistic brilliance, the thrilling speed of actions and the suggestive suspense of the most famous classical work of Latin literature, written by one of the greatest geniuses of mankind.
The two audiobooks „Caesaris Bellum Gallicum“ contain the whole text of the first book (Wars against the Helvetians and the Germans under Ariovistus), read with classical pronunciation by Nikolaus Groß.

1.CD: CAES.Gall.I,1-29 – The Helvetian War

The unforgettable story of the Helvetian’s emigration and desperate struggle.
After his famous opening chapter about geography and inhabitants of Gallia („Gallia omnis divisa est in partes tres – All Gaul is divided into three parts...“) Cesar reports about the emigration plans of the Helvetians, a Gallic tribe whose region on all sides is confined by natural borders: by the Rhine river, the Jura mountains, the Lake of Geneva and the River Rhône. The Helvetians ask Cesar for permission to go through the Roman province.  But „Cesar, in as much as he kept in remembrance that Lucius Cassius, the consul, had been slain, and his army routed and made to pass under the yoke by the Helvetii, did not think that their request ought to be granted: nor was he of opinion that men of hostile disposition, if an opportunity of marching through the Province were given them, would abstain from outrage and mischief...“.

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