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Cesar’s commentaries of the Gallic War are an account written for Roman senators, not a Latin primer. They have been often misused as drill grounds for elementary grammar, chopped into tiny pieces of the text.
Only by an intensive reading of entire books of Cesar’s Gallic War one can feel the stylistic brilliance, the thrilling speed of actions and the suggestive suspense of the most famous classical work of Latin literature, written by one of the greatest geniuses of mankind. 

The two audiobooks „Caesaris Bellum Gallicum“ contain the whole text of the first book (Wars against the Helvetians and the Germans under Ariovistus), read with classical pronunciation by Nikolaus Groß.

2nd CD: CAES.Gall.I,30-54 – The war against Ariovistus
After an urgent request of the Gauls threatened by the Germans  and the harsh refusal of Cesar’s attempts to negotiate with the German’s leader Ariovistus by envoys, Cesar leads his army to the city of Vesontio  (Besançon) threatened by the Germans. Many Roman soldiers fear the Germans, their huge stature, incredible valor and practice in arms reported by the Gauls and traders who on encountering them, could not bear their countenance, and the fierceness of their eyes. So great a panic on a sudden seized the whole army,  desertion and mutiny must be exspected.
In this extremely critical situation Cesar is delivering a speech to his soldiers. Will he succeed to take the fear from them and to lead them to victory over the battle-tested wild German hordes?...

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