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The most famous speeches of the greatest Roman orator, read with classical pronunciation by Nikolaus Groß.
Cicero himself  considered the unmasking of Catilina’s conspiracy, expulsion from the city and the execution of  Catilina’s adherents as his highest, immortal merit for the Roman state. What ever may be modern historian’s judgment about Cicero’s political deeds: There is no doubt about the stylistic brilliance of the most famous speeches of Latin literature. Quotations like „Quo usque tandem“ and „O tempora, o mores“ are imperishable jewels of the treasure of world literature.   

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In the first speech, the true invective, Cicero by the famous words quo usque tandem how long? attacks furiously Catilina who, as he says, according to the example of the ancestors as an enemy had to be killed since a long time.  Catilina’s deeds by him the consul have been unmasked until those of the last night and the night before, the orator affirms, changing the tenor   from quiet reasoning until to most violent accusations...
This oration, by which Catilina’s reputation has been ruined, shows how surely the consul knew that Catilina could not more abstain from the conspiracy...

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