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The most famous speeches of the greatest Roman orator, read with classical pronunciation by Nikolaus Groß.
Cicero himself  considered the unmasking of Catilina’s conspiracy, expulsion from the city and the execution of  Catilina’s adherents as his highest, immortal merit for the Roman state. What ever may be modern historian’s judgement about Cicero’s political deeds: There is no doubt about the stylistic brilliance of the most famous speeches of Latin literature. Quotations like „Quo usque tandem“ and „O tempora, o mores“ are imperishable jewels of the treasure of world literature.   

2nd CD: CIC.Cat.II
The second speech against Catilina (delivered Nov. the 8th 63 B.C. to the people) according to Cicero’s plans at one hand had to counteract the fear, at the other hand the incitement of the people, who had been instigated against the so called ‚tyrannic’ actions of the consul.

In the first part the orator explains to those who had wished that Catilina would be punished, not let out, why he chosen this way: after a punishment of Catilina prevented by envy, he wouldn’t have had the possibility to proceed against the remaining conspirators. But they actually are ruining the state. No external enemy can destroy Rome, the enemy is lurking inside: one must fight against the crimes and debaucheries of Catilina’s adherents...     

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